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The avenues and towers of Viviross City offer a fascinating environment for everything you do on a daily basis – at prices you are sure to like
Ofra and Jehuda RosenbergFounders of Viviross City


And discover a new way
to shop and indulge.

In the towers and showrooms of Viviross City you
find anything, whether it’s sun glasses or solar
panels. Shop your favorite brands, ask for
details, see the best price for any product. And
choose the delivery or pick-up options that suit
you best. You can even browse online and then
buy on your local high-street. By the way: If you
buy for business the Viviross B2B towers offer
the service and expertise you need.


Like new. Just cheaper.

New it’s not the same as best. Sometimes
purchasing used brings more fun. And to top it
off, second hand products are less expensive
and more sustainable. Browse the towers of
Viviross City for old treasures and great
bargains. And if you are looking for something
special, just ask and post an inquiry!


Entertainment. Knowledge. Arts.

In Viviross City the best songs, books, films,
TV series, apps and games are just a finger
tap away. Even standard contracts or stock
photos are ready for download. In our
showroom you see all content or
subscriptions that you can buy.


Our shops and showrooms are waiting for you.

In the Viviross towers you sell your products just
in the way that suits you best: online, offline or
multi-channel. As a commercial or private seller.
By delivery or pick-up. You can even use Viviross
City as a virtual showcase or product catalog.
And the price is easy on your budget: 30 Cents
per listing and day. That’s it. There’s only one
exception: A top brand wants to have an entire
Prime Tower to perfectly showcase their goods.
In that case the price is up to negotiation.


Because old is not past history

We feel: Well-tended second hand products
merit a second chance. Therefore, in Viviross
City we let you showcase a used item just as
attractively as any brand-new product. For as
many days, weeks or even months as you
want. And you can be sure: You never pay
more than 30 cents per day. No matter what
price you get.


And expand your digital reach.

You created an online course? You are a
musician and want to introduce your songs
to the world? Or sell your latest E-book? In
Viviross City you can offer all types of files
for download. No matter how big or how
small. Complete with previews or audio
samples. Once a download is paid we
deliver it for you. So easy.


Make more of your network.

In the Business Lounge of the SeeYou
Tower you meet the people who help
advance your career. Because they work in
your field or share your interests and
passions. Reach out to them, work with
them and be sure: Your personal data are
secure. Just set your profile according to
the options you are comfortable with.


Stay in touch.

Find new friends in the Private Lounge of
the SeeYou Tower. Stay connected to the people
who are important to you. And enjoy the
experience: Whether you chat with friends,
share holiday pics or update your profile, you
will always feel the vibes and energy of city life.
Register now and enjoy.


Make your work more visible.

Whatever your skills or know-how Viviross
City is the place to make them available:
Craftsmanship. IT-Consulting. Tax advice.
Health care. Handiwork. Laundry service.
Meet new customers, speed up your
business and see for yourself: Viviross City
not only caters for the big players in their
field. It also enables freelancers and
solopreneurs to sell their services online


The speediest way to get help and advice.

You need a last-minute flight. Legal advice. Or
a locksmith service in the middle of the night.
Keep calm. In the towers of Viviross City you
find a solution to just about any problem. For
even quicker support publish an inquiry. And
get an answer that is tailored to your need.


Recruit where your candidates are active.

In Viviross City the whole world comes
together. So, your job postings have both a
regional and global impact. Just open your
own office, explain your requirements and
publish your job posting for 30 cents for 24
hours. Job seekers will find you right in your
office or in the showroom on your floor.


In your area. Or all over the world.

You are ready to take the next career step.
You are looking for new freelance work. You
are keen to work abroad. Then Viviross City
is the very place to give your career a boost.
Browse the job opportunities. Engage your
network. Or publish an inquiry so that
recruiters become aware of your availability
and skills. You might be surprised how easily
you can reach out and get into contact with
potential employers!


New cars. Used cars. Vintage cars.

In Viviross City car dealers and private
sellers can showcase their cars
to perfection. Even truck sellers are at the right
address. You want to give sales an extra
push? Just open inquiries and gain the trust
of potential customers. Or rent ad space
where people are bound to see your offer:
next to our elevators and floors.



In the shops and showrooms of Viviross City
refined, affordable, enticingly equipped cars
glide by your eyes. If one of them captures
your attention the next step is up to you: Write
a message and get more information. Contact
the dealer for a test drive. Or simply order the
car and get it delivered. You might like to
know: In Viviross City your dealer does not pay
a commission fee. This reduces your cost.


The smart way to sell and let out property.

Whether you let out a student apartment or
offer a luxury villa for sale, Viviross City is the
place to let your real estate shine. With plenty
of space for beautiful photos, floor plans und
text info’s. Offer your property exactly as long
as you need. At a price that works to your
advantage: 30 cents per 24 hours.


Rent. Buy. Invest.

In Viviross City there are three ways to find
premium property or even the home of your
dreams. You can search the real estate offers.
You can go to the SeeYou Tower and harness
the power of your private and professional
networks. And you can publish an inquiry. Ideally
you use all three possibilities. Because the best
locations get snapped up pretty quickly.