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Fees in Viviross City Transparent. Commission-free. Fair.

Viviross City makes it easy for you to keep your costs under control.

With fixed fees,
Super simple pricing options.

Key information at a glance

From the 1st of May, you will need to pay your City fees using Viviross Credits.
If you will need more Viviross Credits then you currently have in your account, please buy more Viviross Credits now, so your service remains uninterrupted.

Buy Credit >
NOTICE: You pay for products and services in your own national currency

Try Viviross City for free

In the first three months we give you Viviross Credit at no cost. So you can try out all and any City options for free. In other words: We won’t bill you until you are truly convinced.

Become a citizen and get your welcome present

Easily size up your fees

Viviross offers an amazing leisure and business environment. Some of our options are totally free.

For some others we charge you a fee:
1 Viviross Credit
Exactly the same for every option you choose.

Offer a product

1 Credit

or choose a plan

for 24 hours Showroom,

Shop & MySearch included

Offer a service

1 Credit

or choose a plan

for 24 hours Showroom,

Office and MySearch included

Lease advertising space

1 Credit

per click

Offer a job, a car or real estate

1 Credit

for 24 hours Show room, Office and MySearch included

Publish customer inquiry

1 Credit

for 24 hours

View customer inquiry

1 Credit

per inquiry

Use premium filter in social center

1 Credit

for 24 hours

Citizen credit account

Send Credits to a Citizen: Free
Receive Credits from a Citizen: 1% fee

Exclusive and unrivaled: Your Prime Tower

Consumers desire enjoyable experiences. Top brands can showcase their products and services in their own Tower Shops and Tower Offices.

Ask for a Prime Tower

Viviross City. Your perfect investment.

Viviross offers a fascinating environment to set off your products and services to their best advantage.

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